We’re pleased to announce that iSafety Systems has joined ProPharma Group.

Together we are forming the world’s leading provider of pharmacovigilance services for clients seeking strategic solutions and comprehensive drug safety support from clinical through post-approval. Learn about our expanded services.

Medical Information Center

24/7 Medical Information Call Center Services

Medical Information in Pharmacovigilance

To meet regulations from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other authorities, pharmaceutical manufacturers need to have in place a seamless interface between the medical information and pharmacovigilance departments, real time information sharing, centralized databases and robust technology system.

Medical Information departments often face challenges with timely responses and follow ups, team and operations management, product launch and recall medical information handling.

Medical Information complexity has increased lately with the introduction of more complex pharmaceutical products, wider indications, drug interactions and pharmacological properties of the products.

Medical Information Services


iSafety Technologically advanced Medical Information Contact Center Solution & IT Systems

iMedICCTM system supports Medical Information Compliance by providing specialized services in Medical Information, Product Complaint Handling and Adverse Event Management for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies.

iMedICCTM provides customized need based solutions for our clients. Our 24/7/365 coverage can be customized for part time or full time to meet our client’s requirements.

We understand the importance of the balance between technical accuracy, positive customer interaction, and service affordability.

Our experts have extensive experience of handling enquiries across the whole range of therapeutic areas and are skilled in the delivery of high-level peer-to-peer interaction with healthcare providers.

Integrated System for Medical Information, Product Complaint Reporting and Adverse Event Management

iMedICCTM Business Values

Flexible On – Demand Solutions
iSafety can provide clients with permanent long term service or temporary medical information outsourcing to provide cover during staff shortfalls, enquiry peaks or special situations.

Services can be provided during standard office hours, for extended hours, outside of office hours, public holidays or on a full 24/7 basis.

Ad hoc cover is also available, whereby enquiries are handled as and when the client’s in-house team is not available.

Quality and Expertise
Quality is the key when it comes to outsourcing Medical Information and product complaint handling. The QA and QC processes at iSafety ensure compliance with the pharmaceutical industry’s expectations and requirements.

Our quality focus has enabled us to grow a team with real expertise and an in-depth understanding of Medical Information, ensuring the development of true value-added partnerships with the clients.

Customer Focus
Success in Medical Information depends on good customer service. The enquirers are often the key customers of a pharmaceutical company. Getting the customer interaction right, in terms of the quality of the service provided and the response given, is paramount.

Our skills and competencies have enabled us in delivering outstanding Medical Information service that meets and exceeds the expectations of its customers.

There is a strong focus at iSafety on attracting, developing and retaining the very best of professionals who offer the right mix of medical and scientific knowledge combined with excellent communication skills.

Our team currently includes Medicine and Nursing professionals, PhDs and Pharmacists. Our robust back-up procedures and resources facilitates uninterrupted workflow with high level of client satisfaction.

Cost Effectiveness
ISafety aims to deliver a high quality service within very realistic budgets.

The company’s focus on developing and implementing process efficiency at reduced costs has provided us with the ability to provide outstanding value without compromising on essential quality.