iSAFTEY leverages it’s global experience and deep domain expertise to provide comprehensive regulatory product safety & pharmacovigilance outsourcing services combined with transformative technology and advanced data analytics framework that consistently deliver highest Quality, Safety and Compliance.

Our rapidly growing and globally distributed team of professionally qualified safety, regulatory and technology experts are exclusively focused on the Regulatory Product Safety Centers of Excellence to provide 24/7 business support in low-cost flexible services, ensuring high quality, security and scalability in engagement models that are tailored to meet specific needs.

iSafety Global Pharmacovigilance Services

  • ICSR Management
  • Periodic Aggregate Reports
  • Signal Management
  • Risk Management
  • Literature Search & Analysis
  • Medical Information Center

iSafety Engagement Support

  • Direct Global and Local Engagement
  • Onsite Integrated Team Support
  • Centralized Outsourcing Support
  • Single Process Support
  • Peak Volume Staff Augment Support


iSafety's global contact center covers medical information across the entirety of therapeutic areas making it a robust, integrated safety system that enables real time monitoring, identification, information handling and timely response to Medical Inquiries, Product Complaints, Adverse Events and Product Quality reports in more than 70 languages from patients and healthcare professionals globally.

  • Technologically advanced Medical Information Contact Center Solution
  • Global & Multilingual Support with 24/7/365 coverage to meet client’s requirement
  • Integrated System for Medical Information, Adverse Events, and Product Complaint Reporting
  • Qualified Medics with extensive experience of handling complex enquiries across therapeutic areas
  • Critical Contract Staff fulfillment during - Shortfalls, Enquiry peaks or Special situations
  • Flexible and Scalable, On-demand Custom Engagement or end-to-end Global Outsourcing


iSafety is addressing business continuity through two differentiated approaches perfectly harmonized for existing customers and companies looking for specialized competent solution partners.

For existing customers, iSafety continues to mobilize its globally spread strategic virtual team to sustain trust and confidence by ensuring business continuity by continuing fulfilment of regulatory, safety and contractual requirements.

For global companies looking for specialized support, iSafety has mobilized teams of experts across priority vaccine development sites and patient networks to support with real-time patient and events signal data analytics for accurate investigation and trial results to drive predictable safety outcomes and accelerated results.


As a global company we diligently continue to monitor the developments and adhere to guidelines in order to effectively deal with the pandemic. We have mobilized our global resources and business networks to ensure timely, accurate and critical information and emerging trends from authentic sources to build a deeper understanding, strong analytics and informed decisions for precise outcomes and predictable results.

Below are sources of information for COVID-19.